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divine toursDivine Tours opened its doors 15 years ago out of pure love for travel and the countries in which we operate.

Divine Tours is more than just a touring company. Yes, we do tours throughout South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini (Swaziland), Namibia, Botswana up to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe or Zambia side). It is more than that. Divine Tours is a vessel to tell the story of Southern Africa, the people, the history, the culture, the nature, the nature, the environment and how it all comes together.

It is for this reason that we create experiences to listen, feel, see, smell, taste and most importantly touch the heart of our guests. These experiences are created with joy and hopefully received with joy.

The team

Errol Meyer

Dinosaur footprintI like to say; In a previous life, I was a computer programmer. That is what I did before I tour guiding, so lets leave it at that.

15 years ago, we started a tour business and I have never looked back. I do the marketing, the designing of the tours (many of them unique to our company) & if the opportunity allows, I guide our guests through this incredible journey through Southern Africa.

I have travelled through Europe & the Middle East extensively & I love travelling. I really love travelling; therefore the touring industry to me is not a job, but a joy.

I am an African. I live and breathe Africa. I love the feel, the touch, the smell, the sounds and the taste of the nature in Africa. I love the stories told by the rocks, the grain of sand, the flowers, the trees, the animals in the wild and at night the stars has their own story to tell.

The people of Africa is the jewel of the continent & it is my pleasure to share the story of these special people with visitors from abroad.

Ronell Smedley

ronell smedleyI started my career in the medical industry, first at a pharmacy later at a medical aid administration company.

My heart & eyes has always been on the outdoor though. I love nature and when the opportunity arrived to go into business in the tourism, I jumped at the opportunity.

We have been in business for 15 years. I find the tourism industry exciting & always changing. One can say everyday is an adventure. I do all the admin work, bookings, finances, etc. My favourite part of the work is being on the road for site visits and designing new tours. Being in business for yourself is hard at times, but rewarding in more ways than one.

Personally, I’m an advocate for self-growth & being in business for yourself allows the perfect platform for growth whether it is financially, spiritually, mentally & emotionally.

I love what I do, so the service we provide must be exceptional. My business partner accuses me of being thorough. I’m okay with that, there are worse things I could be accused of.

Last but not least, I love laughing.

3 Days Stargazing Cape to Sutherland
Archeology, Astronomy & Paleontology Tour

Day 1: Cape Town to Sutherland

Today we navigate our way through the Hottentot-Holland mountain range where the shape of the mountain looks like it has been bent and folded. These folds are known as the Cape Folds. One cannot but wonder at the forces and sheer power that could bend these rocks. You can only but marvel at this and wonder at the miracle. The view through the pass is spectacular. During winter just after the rains, you can see waterfalls running down the cracks. It is always a sight that leaves you in awe. On our arrival in Sutherland we visit SALT (South African Large Telescope) for a guided tour of the telescope.

Possible planetarium visits if time permits.

The evening is spent stargazing through portable telescopes.

Overnight at Sutherland Hotel or similar

Day 2:  Sutherland

Both Sutherland and Fraserburg are nestled in the Northern Cape province in the Karoo. The Karoo is a semi-desert area. It is hard to believe that at some stage this was a sea or part of a swamp, even before the dinosaurs and pre-historic animals roamed this world. Evidence of a world that no longer exists is found in the Karoo, if you know what to look for. Today we travel to Fraserburg via the back roads to explore dinosaur footprints of over 250 million years old. South Africa is characterised by just a handful of cities and many small towns. To get the feel for South Africa, one needs to explore some of these towns. Both Sutherland and Fraserburg are 2 such towns. When you come from the city you ask why would anyone want to stay in a small town, but at the same time the peacefulness and quiet is also very appealing.

Every small town in South Africa has two things – what is it? Come find out…

Overnight at Sutherland Hotel or similar

Day 3: Sutherland to Cape Town

We will be heading back to Cape Town today. Perhaps we should find something interesting to do on our journey home…



R4500 pps
Minimum of 4 pax

Price includes:

  • Vehicle/Fuel
  • Driver/Guide
  • Inn or B&B
  • 2 X Breakfast & 2 X Dinners


  • All drinks
  • All lunches
  • Any personal expenses
  • All activities not listed on itinerary