EDUSA member schools now registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training

EDUSA member schools now registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training

In what has turned out to be a landmark moment in the EFL industry in South Africa, the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) of the Republic of South Africa, has finally granted Education South Africa (EduSA) and its member schools recognition and formal accreditation as Private Colleges.

This process has literally taken over two decades to complete, but now that it is done, an important milestone in the industry has finally been reached. After years of struggling with issues around where EFL fits into the educational environment of South Africa, after being referred from one government department to the next, several courts hearings, representations to parliament and government ministers in an array of roles, we now fall very clearly under the DHET as Private Colleges.

Johannes Kraus, Chairperson of EduSA states: “We believe and hope that we will now have greater cooperation from South African embassies, consulates and missions around the world. The process of Study Permit (visa) applications should now be clear, unambiguous, streamlined and stress-free for all agents and students.”

The main result of this development is that students may now formally apply for a Study Permit to study at an EFL school in South Africa – provided that the school is a member of EduSA – and the South African mission is obliged to comply with the Section 13 of the Immigration Act (Act No. 13, 2002) pertaining to Study Permits.

Students may therefore study for extended periods of time and no longer need to come on a 90 days Visitor’s Permit (visa) and extending the visa while they are in the country.

Kraus completes: “The last 4 years have been rather intense with various up’s and down’s, therefore, this accreditation with DHET means the world to the association and its member schools. The EFL industry in South Africa had shown some good growth from 2012-2014 before we hit rock bottom in 2015. The last 2 years have been years of recovery and now we optimistically look forward to growing our industry further.”

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