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Membership tiers

EduSA has three membership tiers:

Full membership

The Full Membership inspection is a comprehensive inspection which requires internal business assessment to meet the Full Membership criteria. The following business aspects are inspected in detail: facilities, staff, courses, services, management, administration, accommodation, student welfare, legal requirements, as well as classroom observations. All Full Members are re-inspected every 3 years. Incubator Members must apply for Full Membership with EduSA within two years from the initial membership.

Associate membership

EduSA has introduced its permanent Associate Membership tier in response to the needs of certain Incubator Members. Instead of applying for Full Membership, schools have the opportunity to apply for Associate Membership status if they fulfill all academic, administrative and estate quality requirements of the Full Membership inspection, but do not offer ancillary services such as social programmes and accommodation. An Associate Membership application requires the special permission of the EduSA Executive Committee and is only granted under exceptional circumstances. Re-inspection for Associate Membership takes place every 3 years. Associate Members may apply for an upgrade to Full Membership status at any time.

Incubator membership

An English language school in South Africa that has been in operation for at least two years may apply for Incubator Membership. The following aspects are observed and analysed during the introductory inspection: academic organisation, administration, school facilities and legal requirements. Once an Incubator Member, schools must apply for Full Membership within two years.

Guidelines for membership

EduSA endorses the following standards, as stated in the EduSA On-Site Language
Centre Inspection form. Language centres shall:

    1. Be registered as a language centre with the Registrar of Companies.
    2. Have been operating year-round EFL programmes in South Africa for a minimum period of two (2) consecutive years prior to application. This is subject
      to the proviso that international companies, which have been operating
      globally for a minimum of five (5) years, may apply for special consideration
      with regard to membership.
    3. Employ qualified EFL teachers according to EduSA standards as per EduSA
      Criteria for Teaching Staff.
    4. Adhere to a course of study as published in marketing material by individual
      language centres.
    5. Have clearly written fee schedules and refund policies.
    6. Have suitable facilities for an EFL programme.
    7. Adhere to established accounting and record-keeping procedures, provide
      clearance from the Receiver of Revenue and a statement from the Member’s
      auditor/accountant stating that the company is in sound financial health.
    8. Adhere to EduSA Homestay Guidelines.
    9. Adhere to the EduSA Ethical Guidelines for Members.
    10. Present EduSA with two (2) letters of recommendation from two (2) existing
      members of EduSA when applying to join the Association.
    11. Present the Association with a letter of authorization from the Language
      Centre’s owner/CEO supporting EduSA and its objectives.
    12. Agree to undergo the EduSA On-Site Language Centre Inspection and maintain
      the standards stipulated therein.
    13. Offer a social programme.

EduSA application procedure

Please contact the EduSA secretary for the relevant documents and assistance with your application. The process is:

    1. Complete application form with supporting documents
    2. Complete Pre-On-Site Inspection documents
    3. Pay non-refundable registration fee


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