ELTASA to become EduSA

ELTASA to become EduSA

2009 sees a year of transition for the English Language Travel Association of South Africa (ELTASA).

For the last 12 months, the youth travel industry in South Africa has been in the process of establishing a new association which will represent every area of youth travel in the destination – accommodation, volunteers and internships, transport and tours, and education. The new body is aligned with and based on the current WYSTC model. It is known as SAYTC – South African Youth and Travel Confederation.

There are four components of SAYTC:

  • BSA (Backpackers South Africa) for accommodation,
  • VolSA (Volunteers South Africa) for all volunteer, work and internship companies,
  • TATSA (Tours and Transport South Africa) for all travel, tour and transport companies and
  • EduSA (Education South Africa) for all language centres, educational institutions, youth exchange programmes and summer schools.

ELTASA/EduSA has finalised its new constitution and membership documentation. EduSA has already begun its drive to recruit new centres for membership and to improve the branding of the association both nationally and internationally.

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