Feb 2018

Feb 2018

Held at UCT English Language Centre
Hiddingh Campus, 32-37 Orange Street, Cape Town City Centre
28 February 2018 @ 14h30

Akisha & Farai(Global), Jonathan (IH CPT), Johannes (Kurus English), Phillip (Goodhope), Ryan (LTC), Tania & Wendy (TIES), Simon (UCT), Patricia (Language Link), Gina (Eurocentres), Emilie (EF).

Attendees via Skype:
Philip (IH JHB), Kai (English Access), Aziz (English Access), Vivi (Avenue English), Paul (Easy English), Shaun (BLI)

Manya (CTSE), Gavin (IH CPT), Torrique (LAL), Brad (LAL), Craig (EC), Luanne (Interlink), Trish (Wits)

1. Welcome, Apologies

Johannes welcomes everyone, and a special welcome to Farai and Ilse. All members introduce themselves.

2. Matters arising from previous minutes

As we had a lengthy AGM last time, we will not touch on matters of the previous minutes, this will happen at the next AGM.

3. Membership (Trish – as read by Johannes)

a. Inspections
Trish has taken over from Luanne, and the transition went quite smoothly. Johannes thanks Trish and Luanne.
Tania asks about the certificate. We have to inform SAYTC (Shanaaz), regarding the certificates.

b. New Members
Oxford English Academy

c. Applications

  • Ambassador English Language School
  • Ladomate Language Centre
  • Stellenbosch University
  • English Plus Academy

d. Interest shown by:

  • English Cape Town (Glynnis Overmeyer)
  • Durban Language Centre (Carla Wood)

e. Inspections

  • Oxford English Academy passed their full membership inspection
  • UCT Language School took place in February

4. Visa situation South Korea (Simon)

4.1 UCT (Simon) got a call from Stellenbosch Language Centre. They spoke of South Korea, which used to be a high intake, but it stopped. They discussed with Trish, and then approached attorneys. He mentioned that in 2015, he received an email stating that they’re not allowed to issue visas to language school. They mentioned that the minister discourages issuance of visas as they can study within their own country. They met with attorney, David Simmons and Anton Katz (Senior Council), drafting a very detailed letter, requesting a response by mid Feb. They received a response, but saying nothing. Wrote to DHA/DIRCO and Embassy. Stellenbosch pulled out first, and now Wits pulled out as well. The outcome is that it will be put on hold until we’ve completely resolved the visa issues. They have also requested a response by 9 March, but very little hope for a response. Will inform us if anything significant comes of it.

4.2 Johannes mentions that our issue is basically the accreditation. Once we resolve this, then we are able to move forward. EduSA engagement at this stage would not make sense.

4.3 Visa Sao Paulo
Gavin spoke with the Consulate in Sao Paulo, with regards to the visa issues. He has also requested an updated letter for 2016, as well as the new one (2018). According to the directive 24 of 2016, everyone that’s still in the process can still receive study permits. Now the consulate was also provided with the list of schools.

4.4 Our attorney, Stephanie, will issue legal opinion on that letter, hopefully this week still. Johannes says that if we run into major problems, we forward information to the attorneys.

5. Accreditation/ Visa (Patricia)

a. Update and next steps
As per me email dated 26 February 2018:
In the wake of the latest email from DHET, here is an update of what we have done so far regarding accreditation, and what we will do next.

So far:
Trish, Shaun and I met at Wits Language School in January and started to put together a curriculum framework for Foundational Learning Competence 88895, based on QCTO documentation. We still need to develop support material and a sample exit test. Both Shihaam (LAL) and Desiree (GHS) have offered to help.
However, we decided to delay this process when we found a useful curriculum framework developed by the Department of Labour (DoL). This looked like a possible short-cut. The next step was to make contact with either the curriculum developers or the Department of Labour to ask permission to use this framework. Between 26 January and 9 February all calls went unanswered. On 12 February contact was finally made via the W Cape DoL, a follow-up email was sent and it was forwarded to the relevant people. We are waiting for their response.

We also contacted the IEB on 29 January to ask about offering the FLC qualification as their clients. They sent application forms, which we have not yet completed. This is because we want to be sure that EduSA will be accredited if we are FLC clients and not providers in our own right. I phoned AnneMarie Janse van Rensburg of QCTO for clarification in this regard (she is in charge of certification, she met with us at QCTO last year and seemed very knowledgeable), and sent a follow-up email. On 15 February she forwarded the email to two colleagues who have yet to respond.

Have sent email reminders to DoL and QCTO. Also further request to QCTO to set aside time to answer any further queries we have re application form. Responses – DoL simply says that the matter has been forwarded to Head Office. QCTO sent a reminder to one of the people dealing with the matter.

In the meantime, we should complete application forms for both the IEB (to become clients) and for QCTO (to become SDPs or Skills Development Providers) to be ready for whatever positive thing comes first. Philip, I think you may have a lot of the necessary documentation on file – but we may need to ask an admin person to help fill in lengthy forms and collate supporting documents. Can I send the form to you to look at, and can we meet any afternoon that suits you, if necessary? And we may need advice from a friendly person at QCTO to help us there!

We can also ask the DOSs to look through the curriculum framework and start working on exemplars like those provided by the DoL. We can brainstorm topics of relevance to both workplace and language students and ask each DOS to be responsible for a couple – for example, a reading lesson with SA tourism texts, a listening and speaking lesson with instructions on how to make something, writing activities with a simple budget as a starting point, whatever… But it might be better to get the desktop applications off first, and then find out more from QCTO.

I think we should keep all members informed, so please let me know what parts of this letter should be circulated.

We are filling in applications for both QCTO and IEB.
Tania will forward details from Mantombi at the Department of Labour.
Johannes asks for a deadline – 09 March 2018.
Tania will send a curriculum from SETA to see if it could work.
Mr. Lata should assist.

6. Treasurer (Phillip)

a. Update
Thanks Wits and UCT and everyone that have settled the membership fees. The next invoice will be the budget contribution. The minimum is R13750 for the 2.5% threshold for small school- schools with higher market share will pay accordingly. Calculation was done by our accountants. Budget covers all the fees for the year, covers contribution towards ICEF, but not the personal payment for ICEF. For those who’ve just joined EduSA, you will not get a second invoice- the budget contribution for 2018 is part of the joinig fee.
Phillips requests payment as we have several payments coming up, and some that are due already.
We have eaten into the 2018 fees. Our aim is not to reflect a profit as an NPO.
Membership fees are coming in fine.
Please advise if there’s a long payment process, so that we are also aware of it.

b. Fundraising/ Sponsorship (Jonathan)
We’ve had a working committee for ICEF Africa, and we’ve been working quite hard. Johannes thanks Jonathan and Craig. One of the topics was fundraising. Jonathan compiled a 3 tier sponsorship package. We are in a 914 million estimated travel industry. EduSA can raise sponsors. Platinum, Gold and Silver. Johannes will send out document to all members.

Potential sponsors – Voicemap – learning materials.
Craig (EC) put forward an application to the City of Cape Town, for sponsorship.

7. SAYTC Update (Shanaaz)

Thought Shanaaz would be here, she is probably travelling.

a. SATSA Merger
SATSA doesn’t have full membership. They have an affordable 1st year membership, but the second year onwards, will be linked to turnover.
We got funding last year. Phillip and Johannes to meet with David Frost and Hannelie du Toit. Gavin from IH will be setting it up. We are trying to get more information, and then we can decide if it will work for us.

b. Conference
Please check the SAYTC newsletter. The SAYTC conference will take place in the Cederberg. We encourage participation.

8. Marketing (Johannes)

a. IEFT Istanbul (Vivi)
Received an invitation from Istanbul, a free ticket. Vivi and Trish looked at it, and said it may be worth it. lse has been and said it’s quite big. Most of the costs are covered. Sadia has assisted with compiling a flyer, instead of sending the whole magazine. Need to do a reprint of brochures for ICEF Africa.
We will see what happens, Vivi also has 30 minutes to present, EduSA and South Africa. Ilse mensions that it’s like a roadshow, met students, met agents, etc. It’s really well organized. Exposure it really good. Johannes says that they have been nagging us to come, and finally we have agreed. Vivi’s schedule is already full, which shows the interest in South Africa.

There is no marketing portfolio with EduSA, and Johannes. We have already had good exposure. Johannes wants to encourage signups for STA Magazine, as their articles cannot be shared.

b. ICEF Africa: EduSA stand, Fam trip, Funding
Besides the 12 odd schools, there should be a total of 14 or 15 schools. ICEF is not that happy. The agent mass will not be that huge. Marcom schedule will open in the middle of March. ICEF promised high quality agents that are willing to sell South Africa. Ilse mentions that there are 85 agents that are attending.
We will have an EduSA Stand. Vivi and Trish will man that stand – they participate the whole fair. Will be the same as an EduSA stand in Berlin, with marketing materials, etc.

Fam trip – Sadia put the information together. We have one sign up from Portugal. There’s a rough itinerary. There’s an online application form. Shaun will still send budget, allocated 200K for this. Every EduSA member can participate, works to 10K per person. If you know that an agent will be coming, you need to market it. The information is online, yet ICEF is not really responsible for this. By middle March, we need to start making arrangements, book restaurants. Need to look at service providers.

Phillip asks about payment by members (500 Euro). They will transfer money into our account. Johannes says that we need to find 20 people that want to go. ICEF has offered a camera crew for the ICEF Africa. It’ll cost 6500 EU. It’s not something that was budgeted for.

We are still sponsoring, etc.

Johannes will send the info from ICEF Media re videotaping the Fam Trip and then we will decide. Jonathan mentions that we might be able to get South African Tourism involved- he will check with Shanaaz and Gavin through SAYTC.

c. Alphe UK, ICEF Berlin
Both have been booked. If 3 schools are going to Alphe UK then the EduSA gets a free table. At the moment, OEA and IH are going. Alphe is 31 August until September. Simon says he may go. This year, we have 4 fairs compared to 2 last year.

d. Brochure
We need to update the brochure. 15 April is the deadline for Sponsors, so that we can get it finalized for the brochures as well.
Johannes will send out emails re updates for schools and he will liaise with Sadia re changes.

9. Any other business

a. Water shortages
Does not appear to be a problem. The city of Cape Town pdf was good. Please keep agents informed.

b. Craig Taylor will take over at EF
Emilie will be leaving the EF Group on March 9th. Johannes wishes Emilie all the very best for her future endeavours and thanked her for her contributions to EduSA over the past years.

c. Meetings 2018
Suggestions for 2pm for this year:

  • 25 April 2018 – Goodhope Studies
  • 4 July 2018 – IH Sea Point
  • 17 October – TIES
  • 28 November – AGM – Oxford English Academy