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Kurus English

Kurus English

Kurus English is an extraordinary language school situated in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer you highest quality English tuition, conducted in small groups and, in addition, cultural, social and historical Language Excursions extending deep into the fascinating and wonderful cultural diversity that is Cape Town’s soul.

The school

The school is situated in one of the most beautiful areas right in the center of Cape Town. Kurus English is accommodated in a handsome heritage building which was converted into the language school in 2008. Fresh, colorful rooms with modern equipment characterize the friendly and informal atmosphere of our small private school.

Kurus English is accredited by Quality English, a well known organisation that ensures the quality of privately owned and professional EFL colleges worldwide.

The academic staff

The academic staff comprises of qualified language teachers who are all native speakers and who distinguish themselves by their long-term experience and refined intuition regarding your particular language challenges. The language foundations are laid in class – and you are guided to improve your competence through authentic, real-life applications, including experiencing our unique language excursions.

Cultural language excursions

Cultural Language Excursions are far more than tourist excursions, in addition to our classroom lessons, are the heart of Kurus English’s learning programmes. Through our unique network, students are immersed in Cape Town’s diverse cultures and have opportunities to get into conversations with city’s fascinating people. Language excursions take place three afternoons a week with different daily themes over a 12-week period. With Kurus English you will experience Cape Town in a unique way: it will be very up close and definitely personal!

English language packages at Kurus English

Opportunity 1: General English (20 hours)

  • 20 hours *General English

Opportunity 2: Intensive English (30 hours)

  • 20 hours *General English
  • 10 hours Communication Classes

Opportunity 3: Language Culture Discovery (30 hours)

  • 20 hours *General English
  • 10 hours Language Excursions

Opportunity 4: Language Culture Discovery + Private (34 hours)

  • 20 hour *General English
  • 10 hour Language Excursions
  • 4 hour Private Lessons

Opportunity 5: Business English (30 hours)

  • 20 hours *General English
  • 10 hours Private Business English

Opportunity 6: Examination Preparation (32 hours) (FCE, CAE, CPE)

  • 20 hours *General English
  • 8 hours Exam Preparation
  • 4 hours Language Excursions

*General English: grammar and skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary development.

Contact Kurus English

Location: Cape Town
Address: 70 Wale Street, Cape Town
Telephone: +27214264606
Website: www.kurus-english.com