The 2010 Fifa World Cup in Cape Town

The 2010 Fifa World Cup in Cape Town

The 2010 Fifa World Cup in Cape Town

If the question on everyone’s lips prior to South Africa’s staging of the FIFA 2010 World Cup was “Can we make this work?’ then the resounding answer from South Africa and the world was “Yes we can!” and, indeed more accurately now, “Yes we did!”

Hundreds of thousands of fans, their now-famous Vuvuzelas in full cry, sounded the call to come together – and throughout that magical month, the visiting world and South Africans alike united in celebration and participation in the myriad World Cup festivities – not least forgetting the 64 thrilling matches of the beautiful game itself.

The 2010 World Championship was one of those all too rare and triumphant occasions for every one of us engaged in this stirring event. And for a while, in a proud and joyful international display, all hearts seem to beat as one.

All EduSA-affiliated language schools with their international student bodies formed the perfect complement to the largest international sporting event and sporting party taking place anywhere on earth. South Africa was then, and we believe remains, the greatest place to be on our planet!

Our individual schools, for their part, and our country as a whole, hosted an awesome, super-friendly and efficiently-managed football tournament that will be remembered for ages. It seems clear that many World Cup visitors will be returning to South Africa as students over the months and years to come.

We’re ready and willing to welcome you all!

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